“Concierge services are increasingly in-demand for busy professionals.”

A glance at your desk, kitchen counter, or the famous to-do-list can make our concierge services seem like a dream come true.

 Iris Select is your exclusive concierge! Whatever task you have on hand that requires the time and organization you can’t spare, we can take care of it.

The concierge services offered by Iris Select include personal and professional travel arrangements and unparalleled service once you arrive at your destination. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your needs, and we stop at nothing to fulfill those needs.

 For professional travel, Iris Select work with your company’s internal financial system to easily book travel, accommodations and meals that meet the needs of the firm and of the individual. Our team members also arrange car rentals, group transfers, event assistance and activities for you and your clients, shipping services, and any other accommodations to make your trip as simple and successful as possible.