cocktail workshop goa

Jump behind the bar and learn with a professional bartender the secrets of the best cocktails. The workshop includes some theory about what alcohol goes with what mixer, demonstrations, a practical part for you to discover your hidden bar-tending talent and the making of cocktails by yourself (that you can then drink, of course!), assistance from start to end & take home recipe are also included you can easily make those cocktails again!


In this Mixology Workshop you will obtain an understanding of Bitters used today to enhance and change the character of Cocktails.

You will be making your own cocktail working with Bitters, Syrups & Waters


In this Mixology Workshop you will learn how to order your Martini.

Gin or Vodka, Olive or a Lemon Twist.

What Shaken or Stir does to Martinis

Learn about Flavoured Martinis in the cocktail world today

Proper techniques in Layering &  pouring of Shooters

Wine Workshop

An understanding of the principles of wine.

How to identify aromas, tannins, acidity, and other wine characteristics.

How food pairings change your perception of a wine’s flavor.

You will learn about the Viticulture & Vinification

How to smell and taste wine.

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